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Mid-Hudson Lumber Dealers Association

What is the MHLDA?

The Mid-Hudson Lumber Dealers Association  is organized for the following specific purposes:
a. To represent, unite, train, and lead independent lumber and building material dealers in the Mid-Hudson New York geographic region.
b. To educate, instruct, inform and assist its membership in techniques, concepts, products, skills and general philosophy of the lumber and building materials industry.
c. To provide a forum for the discussion of ideas pertaining to the goals and principles of the lumber and building materials industry and to have an avenue for the presentation of such ideas.
d. To develop the abilities and potential of its members for additional responsibilities and advancement in their respective firms and within the lumber and building materials industry.
e. To promote social interaction among the members of the Mid-Hudson Lumber Dealers Association, Northeastern Retail Lumber Association and others associated with the lumber and building materials industry.
f. To engage in any and all other lawful purposes, activities and pursuits, which are substantially similar to the foregoing and which are or may hereafter be authorized by Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code and are consistent with those powers described in the Act, as amended and supplemented.

For more information on the MHLDA, please contact  Tammy Wandler-Ginexi at or 518.527.8376.

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