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Vermont Retail Lumber Dealers Association

What is the VRLDA?

Established in 1931, The Vermont Retail Lumber Dealers Association was formed to fulfill a leadership role by identifying challenges, changes, and opportunities that will insure our members’ business success and future. Additional objectives of the Association include:

  • Promote the goals and objectives of the Northeastern Retail Lumber Association and the Lumber and Building Materials Industry which they represent 
  • Educate, instruct, inform and assist its membership in techniques, concepts, products, skills and general philosophy of the lumber and building materials industry 
  • Provide a strong voice for the industry in front of the state lawmaking bodies 
  • Promote social interaction among the members of the VRLDA, NRLA, and others associated with the industry

For more information on VRLDA, please contact Steve Ciccone at or 585.455.6515.
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