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Lumber Person of the Year

The Lumber Person of the Year award is one of the highest honors given by one’s peers in the
lumber and building material industry and is awarded annually.

2022 MHLDA Lumber Person of the Year
Todd Rose, Builders First Source

To learn more about Todd, click here.

MHLDA Past Lumber Persons of the Year

2022    Todd Rose, Builders First Source
2021    Vic Milano, Jilco
2019     Nolan Levine, Fallsburg Lumber
2018     Michael Farenkopf, BROSCO
2016     Arden Dean, Superior Building Supply
2015     Steve Levine, Fallsburg Lumber Co.
2014     Joe Begnoche, ProBuild
2013     Rich Protsko, American Lumber Co. Inc.
2012     Tim Fagan
2011     Karen Page, H.G. Page & Sons, Inc.
2010     Tim Erchick, Mid-State Lumber Corp.
2009     Robert Keener, Russin Lumber Corp.
2008     Kimberley Williams, Williams Lumber & Home Centers
2007     Thomas Findlay, Williams Lumber, Inc.
2006     Larry Beckerle, Beckerle Lumber Supply Co., Inc.
2005     C. Fred Seeger, III, Herzog Supply Co.
2004     Barry Russin, Russin Lumber Corp.
2003     Tom Glauber, Elmsford-Interstate
2002     Stacey Varianides, Russin Lumber Corp.
2001     Brian Rivenburgh, Rowley Building Products Corp.
2000     Brian Hoiem, The Windsor Building Supplies Co.
1999     George “Sid” Ketchum, PDJ Components
1998     Richard Rowley, Rowley Building Products
1997     Seth Arluck, New Hampton Lumber Co.
1996     Don “Sandy” Williams, Williams Lumber, Inc.
1995     Edward Scanlan*, Singer-Denman Lumber Co.
1994     Laurence “Pete” Beckerle, Beckerle Lumber Supply
1993     Timothy Murphy*, Williams Lumber, Inc.
1992     Fred Dill*, Dill’s Best Building Centers
1991     David Hallock, Hallock Lumber Co.
1990     Bob Ushman, Ushman Brothers, Inc.
1989     Henry Page, Jr., H.G. Page & Sons, Inc.
1988     Jim Findlay, Pratt Bry-Dain Lumber Co.
1987     William Conklin*, PDJ Truss
1986     Vincent Brescia*, Brescia Building Corp.
1985     Robert Rowley*, Rowley Lumber Co.
* deceased