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Retail Lumber Dealers Association of Maine

What is the RLDAM?

The Retail Lumber Dealers Association of Maine was established in 1933 with the following purposes:

  • To foster the mutual interests of those engaged in the retail lumber business, lumber products, building materials and building specialists in the State of Maine
  • To provide educational training and development for the owners, managers and employees of its members
  • To provide a strong unified voice for the lumber and building material industry before the state government in Augusta
  • To promote networking opportunities among members of this corporation
  • To promote a high standard of business ethics and industry stewardship 

What is the RLDAM?

To unite, represent, educate, and support retail lumber and building materials dealers throughout the State of Maine.

For more information on RLDAM, please contact Dave Gluck at or 603.686.6369.
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