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An on-line resource for Property & Casualty, OSHA and Employee Benefits. Explore the NRLA Connect Toolbox and discover the array of benefits and tools at your disposal to enhance your business.

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Resource Library

The Document Library provides instant access to a collection of downloadable articles, brochures, forms and reports covering a variety of business-related topics. Many of the documents are instantly customized for your organization.. You’ll also have access to up-to-date state Worker’s Compensation statutes and related links for quick reference.

The Link Library features hundreds of commercial insurance and employee benefit web links in one easily-accessible place. Topics range from ergonomics to surety bonds to wellness and employee benefit legislation.

HR Compliance

Topics include health care reform, legislative updates, explanations and timelines. Access information on COBRA, FMLA, HIPPA, Section 125 and Medicare Part D compliance and forms.

OSHA Compliance

To help you simplify and manage your OSHA reporting, the occupational safety resources you need are in one easily accessible spot.  A link is included to FAQ’s where you will find useful information about OSHA record keeping guidelines and related resources. You can also complete and maintain your OSHA log on the site and automatically generate the required 300 Form. Use the Reporting feature to track your company’s incidents and compare your statistics with those from the Bureau of Labor.


Share information and resources via the Community’s interactive forum. Post questions to your NRLA peers and provide insight into other users’ questions. The Global Community Forum will provide you access to a vast and knowledgeable network of colleagues from a variety of industries across the country.

You can also choose to participate in a series of benchmarking surveys, the results will help determine how your organization’s plans and programs compare to other U.S. employers.

Safety and Health Newsletter

Look to SafetyZone for a series of ready-to-print newsletters covering a variety of industry related topics designed to support your key safety messages and programs. Content is organized by general category that includes Auto Safety, Employee Protection, Organization Safety and Personal Risk Management. HealthShop newsletters cover categories such as At the Doctor’s Office, At the Pharmacy, Home Care and Your Health Plan.tes.


NRLA Connect makes it easy for you to direct your safety and wellness questions to an expert. Simply select the Eastern Insurance contact in your area from a list, enter your question and click submit. It’s as simple as that!

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