Linden, NJ – Patwin Plastics, a leading manufacturer of extruded building products, is revolutionizing the PVC moldings industry through its groundbreaking program that embodies innovation, productivity, and commitment to superior customer service.

By investing in state-of-the-art machinery, Patwin Plastics has substantially increased its productivity while minimizing downtime. This level of efficiency is unmatched in the industry and allows the company to provide reliable lead times to its customers, ensuring their projects remain on schedule.

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Patwin Plastics’ commitment to the highest quality is exemplified through its use of superior, domestically- sourced materials. This deliberate choice to avoid imported materials ensures that every product Patwin Plastics manufactures maintains top-notch quality and longevity, giving customers peace of mind that their investments will stand the test of time.

The company has also distinguished itself through its unrivaled 24/7 customer service and its unique ability to color-match. This customer-first approach has resulted in successful, ongoing collaborations with customers in developing new profiles and building product systems, further showcasing the company’s innovative edge.

Over the years, Patwin Plastics has made transitioning from traditional materials like MDF or wood to PVC products easier for its customers. This shift not only provides a cost-effective solution but also brings additional benefits such as durability and resistance to weathering, qualities inherent in PVC.

Patwin Plastics prides itself on its continued commitment to revolutionize the marketplace. Amid the chaos of supply chain disruptions plaguing many industries, Patwin Plastics stands as a beacon of reliability for its customers. The company’s firm dedication to continuous improvement is evident in its future plans for further machinery optimization, setting the stage for even greater productivity and customer satisfaction.

About Patwin Plastics: Patwin Plastics is a leading manufacturer of extruded plastics products, including a range of both Interior and Exterior Building Materials. Based in Linden, NJ, the company serves the entire US market with it’s innovative products and solutions.

For more information about the PVC Molding Program, please call Jim Murphy at 908-486-6600 or email