MRLDA Lobby Day 2023

On Wednesday, June 7, 18 MRLDA members and staff met with 28 state legislative offices at the State House in Boston MA. Prior to the legislative meetings, the MRLDA Board held its meeting at RSM, who was gracious to host not only the board meeting but our legislative briefing as well. Our Legislative Counsel, Patrick Huntington, lead a discussion of our issues, and attendees shared their experiences to help add color to the issues at hand.

After a brisk walk to the State House from RSM, MRLDA Members dispersed for their many meetings where they discussed our five legislative priorities, including credit card surcharges, local option building codes, and workforce development. Whether with staff or the legislator themselves, MRLDA members thought the meetings went very well and that members from both sides of the aisle were receptive to our ideas and concerns.

Below are some photos from the meetings.

The Group in front of the Massachusetts State House before our meetings.

Representative Jim Arciero, Chairman of the Committee on Housing meets with MRLDA members and NRLA Staffer, David Gluck, during lobby day on June 7,

MRLDA Legislative Chair, Jay Mahoney of Fairview Millwork, and Representative Steven Xiarhos.

Representative Jay Barrows meets with MRLDA Legislative Chair, Jay Mahoney of Fairview Millwork.


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