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Workers Compensation

For NY and MA members

Protection for those injured on the job

New York members

Group #531

Group #531 is the New York Workers’ Compensation Insurance Safety Group Program exclusively for NRLA members. NRLA formed Group #531 in 1990, and since then it has been among the best performing safety groups in the state. It has returned an average dividend of 20.5% over the last 10 years, in addition to an average up front discount of 22.5%. Group #531 is managed by Lovell Safety Group, and the program’s members enjoy lower assessment fees, loss-control services, claims management assistance, and an early intervention program designed to steer employees back to work sooner, while saving money for employers!

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Lovell Safety Brochure
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Lovell Safety Introduction
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Massachusetts members

Self Insured Lumber Businesses Association (SILBA)

SILBA has been providing Workers’ Compensation Insurance to NRLA members in Massachusetts since 1992. With Workers’ Compensation Insurance premiums skyrocketing, a small group of industry members got together to find a better way to do business. The feeling then was the same as it is now – why should lumber dealers with good claims experience and loss-control programs be forced to pay the same high premium as everyone else?

Since 1992, the original group of seven founding members has grown to 49 companies. SILBA members have enjoyed yearly dividends averaging 23 percent of paid premium, have earned more than $27 million in dividends, and pay lower initial premiums than conventional, fully-insured programs due to reduced administrative charges.

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