Q: What is Building Material Dealers for Good Government?

A: BMDGG is the state political action committee and state political voice of NJBMDA members. It exists to strengthen and raise the profile of NJBMDA as a respected political force in New Jersey state elections.

Q: What is the purpose of BMDGG?

A: BMDGG works to support the election of individuals for statewide and state legislative office. All contributions stay in New Jersey and go to candidates and legislators who work with NJBMDA on the issues facing the LBM industry.

Q: Who does BMDGG support?

A: BMDGG supports candidates from all political parties so long as they support NJBMDA issues.

Q: Why do we need a LBM industry PAC in New Jersey?

A:Having a PAC assists LBM dealers and associated companies in organizing themselves for more effective political action and maximizes the visibility of the LBM industry in the state Legislature.

Q: How does BMDGG support candidates for state office?

A:Mostly financial contributions, but members and our government affairs team also meet with candidates to educate them on the issues in our industry.

Q: Who directs the activities of the BMDGG?

A:A body of Trustees consisting of NJBMDA legislative committee members.

Q: How do BMDGG Trustees make decisions regarding donations?

A: Trustees consider factors such as the legislators’ committee position, voting records on LBM issues, and responsiveness to the LBM industry when making donation decisions.

Q: Who can donate to BMDGG?

A:In New Jersey, individuals and businesses can make contributions to PACs. The max an individual or a business can donate to a PAC in New Jersey is $7,200 per election.

Q: How can I make my donation?

A:You can write a check payable to BMDGG and mail to:

Dan Schaffer, BMDGG Treasurer

Reeb Millwork Corp. 

5440 Glen Road 

Coopersburg, PA 18036

Q: Isn't it better for me to contribute to a political candidate on my own?

A: If possible, we urge you to do both. Donating to a legislator at a local event enables you to make a personal connection with your local legislator and your specific business operations. A donation to the PAC provides our association with a collective voice that enables us to support individual legislators who have taken positions and actions that have benefited the entire state-wide membership.

Q: What if I don't want to support the other party?

A: NJBMDL PAC’s only purpose is to help elect legislators who will help the industry. Party affiliation is not considered by the Trustees when making funding decisions. Our association has been fortunate to have legislators on both side of the political aisle who have visited our businesses and successfully supported many important issues of interest to NJBMDL members.