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Lumber Person of the Year

The Lumber Person of the Year award is one of the highest honors given by one’s peers in the
lumber and building material industry and is awarded annually.

WNYLDA Past Lumber Persons of the Year

2016    Debbie Smith, Smith Lumber Company
2015    Russ Howe, Weyerhaeuser/Trus Joist
2013    John Krueger, North Main/HEP Sales
2010    Dick Mallory, Williamson Building Supply, LLC
2009    Mosher Lumber
      *Retailer of the Year
2008     Nunda Lumber
      *Retailer of the Year
2007    Sally Bliss, Elitsac Lumber
2006    Joe Lapp, Lapp Lumber Co.
2005    Bill Morse, William B. Morse Lumber Co.
2004    Glenn Stahl, Rochester Lumber
2003    Douglas Fields, Matthews & Fields Lumber Co.
2002    Dick Buck, Genesee Reserve Supply Co.
2001    John Brill, NRLA
2000    Fred Stahl, Rochester Lumber
1999    Robert Peterman, Peterman Lumber
1998    Robert Briggs, Chautauqua Brick Co.
1997    Ronald Schopf, Babcock Lumber Co.
1996    Gerald Stahl, Rochester Lumber Co.
1995    James J. Flury, Quality Lumber & Bldrs. Supply
1994    Donald Calkins, D.F. Calkins Lumber Co., Inc.
1993    Donald Lischer, Gardenville Lumber Co.
1992    William Robert “Bob” Dix, Jay E. Potter Lumber Co., Inc.
1991    Larry A. Russell, Nunda Lumber & Hardware
1990    Edward McDermid, Frontier Lumber Co.
1989    James Grant, Jr., Monroe Palburn
1988    George Hoke, Ontario Building Supply