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Lumber Person of the Year

The Lumber Person of the Year award is one of the highest honors given by one’s peers in the
lumber and building material industry and is awarded annually.

Brian White, Coastal Forest Products
2022 RILBMDA Lumber Person of the Year

To learn more about Brian, please click here.

RILBMDA Past Lumber Persons of the Year

1985   Clinton Remington III, Remington Lumber Co.
1986   Roger S. Sherman, JT’s Harris Lumber
1987   Edward S. Angell, Sr., L. Sweet Lumber Co.
1988   Domenic Gautieri*, National Lumber & Bldg. Mtrls.
1989   Frank D. McKendall, Jr., F.D. McKendall Lumber
1990   Henry C. Marsella, Smithfield Plywood
1991   John J. Castro, Jr., Barrington Lumber Co.
1992   Camille E. Pepin, Sr., C. Pepin & Son
1993   Thomas Zuba, Newell Lumber & Bldg. Material
1994   F. Donald McKendall III, JT’s Home & Builders Centers
1995   Michael Durand, Coventry Lumber
1996   William H. Crowell*, Contractors Supply, Inc.
1997   Mary C. Sherman, Wickford Lumber Co.
1998   Frank Doherty, JT’s Lumber
1999   Jeanne Budnick, C. Pepin & Sons, Inc.
2000   Robert Duckworth, Arnold Lumber Co.
2001   Bob Carlson, Coventry Lumber, Inc.
2001   Jim Cooney, Arnold Lumber Co.
2002   Carl Coutu, Arnold Lumber Co.
2003   Paul Gagne, Coventry Lumber, Inc.
2004   Judy Murray, Douglas Lumber Corp.
2005   Bernie Nugent, Warren Trask Co., Inc.
2006   Barry Joslyn, JT’s Lumber
2007   Buz Gileau, Coventry Lumber, Inc.
2008   Merrill Temkin*, Rafferty Aluminum & Steel., Inc
Lifetime Achievement Recipient
2009   David Hindle, Coventry Lumber, Inc.
2010   Wayne Farley, Cleary Millwork
2011   Bruce Charleson, Arnold Lumber Co.
2012   David Beattie*, Arnold Lumber Co.
2013   Mark Grant, Metrie
2014   Tina Diggle, Coventry Lumber
2015   Ted Angell, L. Sweet Lumber Company Inc.
2016   Ray Angell, L. Sweet Lumber Company Inc.
2017   Denise Gabriele, Arnold Lumber Company
2018   Maria Fratiello, National Lumber
2019   Robert Fitzpatrick, BlueLinx
2021   Steve Rendine, Douglas Lumber
2021   Mike McDole, National Lumber (Retired)
2022   Brian White, Coastal Forest Products

Lifetime Achievement Recipient