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Robert J. Horne, Jr. CHIPs Award

The Robert J. Horne, Jr. “CHIPs” Award is presented annually by the Northeastern Young Lumber Execs to an individual who has been instrumental in promoting the professional and/or personal development of young people in the lumber and building material industry. The Board of Directors is responsible for selecting the recipient.

Lumber Person of the Year

Jonas Kelly, JAY-K independent Lumber Corp.
2021 Robert J. Horne, Jr., CHIPs Recipient

To learn more about Jonas, please click here.

Past CHIPs Recipients

2019   Tony Shepley, Shepley Wood Products
2018   Lang Durfee, Bethel Mills, Inc.
2017   Bob Keiver, Keiver-Willard Lumber Corp.
2016   Barry Russin, Russin Lumber Corp.
2015   Jon Hallgren, Curtis Lumber Company
2014   Robert Vasquezi, Boston Cedar
2013   Timothy Lyons, BROSCO
2012   David Gluck, Northeastern Retail Lumber Association
2011   Scott Norrie, Howe Lumber Company
2010   Jack Connors, Brockway-Smith
2009   Brad Campbell, A. Boilard Sons Inc.  
2008   Joseph Burgoyne III, Ideal Concrete Block,
2007   Scott Robert Vasquezi (posthumously), Boston Cedar
2006   Charles F. Smith, Brockway-Smith Co.
2005   Alfred J. Torrisi, Jackson Lumber & Millwork
2004   Joseph W. Cusack, Boston Cedar & Millwork
2003   Carl Martin III, Martin Millwork, Inc.,
2002   Robert J. Horne, Jr., BB&S Treated Lumber of NE, 
2001   John Brill, Northeastern Retail Lumber Association
2000   Arthur P. Arnold, Jr., Arnold Lumber Co.
1999   Calvin Moore, G.V. Moore Lumber Co., Inc.
1998   K. David Hancock (posthumously), Hancock Lumber Co.
1997   Stacey Brescia-Spreer, Innovative Designs
1996   Harry H. Taylor, Jr., H.H. Taylor & Son, Inc.
1995   Douglas B. Bohannon, Mid-Cape Home Centers
1994   Robert K. Curtis, Saratoga Lumber Traders, Inc.
1993   Donna M. Nickerson

Redwood Award

Like the mighty tree, the Redwood Award honors an individual who symbolizes strength, robustness, and the ability to live in a turbulent environment.

Redwood Recipients

Craig Cole, Keiver-Willard Lumber Corp.
Rich Hutchinson, Huttig Building Products

Jim Berger, Arnold Lumber Co.
Chris French, BROSCO

Bob Fitzpatrick, BlueLinx
Bruce Stout, Huston Lumber & Supply Corp.

Jason Hanna, Louisiana Pacific Corp.
Leah Fennell, Shepley Wood Products, Hyannis, MA

Jim Baker, Mid-Cape Home Centers
Joe Begnoche, ProBuild
Steve Roth, Huttig Building Products

David & Theresa Moore, Wiley Bros.
Jeff & Jennifer Larson, Gilmore Home Center

Fred Seeger, Herzog Supply Co.

Paul Murphy, Boston Cedar
Walter Hock, Russin Lumber Corp.

Jeff Rettig, Weyerhaeuser
Richard Buck, Genesee Reserve Supply

Steve Howe, Howe Lumber Company
Rich Keating, Andersen Windows
Jonas Kelly, JAY-K Independent Lumber Corp.

Chris Davie, PSI Distributors
Brad Benson, Benson Lumber & Hardware

Jack Miller, Moynihan Lumber
Rita Miller, Moynihan Lumber

Doug Bohannon, Mid-Cape Home Centers

Jay Torrisi, Jackson Lumber & Millwork
Brian White, Russin Lumber Corp.

James Benson, Mahoney’s Building Supply
Bruce Charleson, Arnold Lumber Co.

Joseph W. Cusack, Boston Cedar & Millwork
Joseph Burgoyne III, Ideal Concrete Block Co.
Kevin Brockmyre, Northeastern Retail Lumber Assn.