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Industry Recruitment

The Lumber Dealers Association of Connecticut (LDAC) has developed a program with the idea of introducing new people to the Lumber Building Material (LBM) industry. LDAC will partner with members in the training and development of tomorrow’s LBM employees by offering financial assistance in the form of a one‐time stipend of up to $2,500 to help offset some of the costs associated with hiring and training.

Ideally, members should seek out individuals looking to enter in the LBM industry to fill a specific job requirement who may not otherwise look to our industry for employment. These individuals could be (however not limited to) high school, college or trade‐school students. Members will submit a plan for hire and development of these candidates to LDAC for eligibility of the stipend.

There are limited stipends available. Stipend disbursement will be determined by the association board based on merits of the submitted proposal. Employment proposals will be reviewed within 3‐6 weeks of receipt.

This is a brand new program for which LDAC welcomes any comments or suggestions from dealers on how best to promote and administer the program.


Click here to download an application form.

For any questions please contact Tammy Wandler-Ginexi at

Workforce Development Partnership: CDL Driver Program

LDAC is working closely with CBIA, the Connecticut Business and Industry Association, to address the workforce development needs of the lumber and building materials industry. We are happy to inform you about a program that helps employers hire new CDL drivers. The Entry-Level Driver Training and Employment Program (ELDTEP) aims to support CDL program graduates by providing subsides for on-the-job training and support for drivers (with a CDL license) who have limited experience in commercial driving. This initiative of the Transportation, Distribution and Logistics (TDL) Workforce Partnership, hopes to address the need for a skilled transportation workforce by offering participating employers a 30% reimbursement on a new driver’s salary, over an 8-week period. This is a great opportunity to fill your CDL driver needs and you’ll receive a reimbursement for the driver’s salary!

To be eligible for this program, driver’s must reside in one of 57 townsand cities in the Greater Hartford.  For more information regarding the specifics of this program and the TDL Workforce Partnership, contact CBIA’s program manager Deb Presbie or call her at 860-244-1932.

For any questions, please contact Ashley Ranslow at