The Ward Lumber Worker Cooperative (WLWC) has announced a significant leadership transition as Derrick Manson, the inaugural Board President, passes the baton of responsibility to Tim Clark.  His tireless dedication is part of what made Ward Lumber a pioneer as the first Employee Owned Cooperative in its industry.

Derrick Manson’s journey as a leader in the cooperative began with the steering committee, where he played a pivotal role in the cooperatives’ formation. He led the fledgling cooperative through the purchase of the company and then served as president for two years. Jay Ward, the former 4th generation owner and current CEO says of Derrick’s leadership, “[He] provided stability, steadiness, and a whole lot of work while forming the co-op.”

Ward Lumber’s Worker Cooperative looks ahead with optimism and gratitude for the remarkable foundation laid by Derrick during his tenure. His hard work, determination, and unwavering commitment to the cooperative have set the stage for continued growth and success. Speaking on his time as board president Derrick recounts, “The board president spends a lot of time each week communicating with the CEO, the directors, and the committee chairs. I learned a great deal from my time leading the steering committee, through the purchase of the company, and then my 2 years as president.”

Tim Clark, the newly elected Board President, brings with him a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of cooperative principles. After four years at Ward Lumber and showcasing exceptional leadership skills as a member of the Upper Jay Fire Department Board and the current President of the Mount Fay Fish and Game Club, Tim is well-prepared to embrace his new role and aims to nurture a culture of collaboration and empowerment, ensuring that every worker owner’s voice is heard.