Member Benefits

Health Insurance in MA

Eastern Benefits Group

Provides access to the RAM Health Insurance Cooperative

Program Information

  • MRLDA members that participate in the plan will recognize an immediate premium savings..
  • Multiple plan options will be offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield and Fallon Community Health Plan.
  • Retail members headquartered in Massachusetts employing less than 51 full-time employees are eligible to participate
  • Associate members whose business falls within the approved Standard Industrial Codes (SIC’s) are also eligible.

As NRLA’s endorsed Massachusetts Health Insurance Broker, Eastern Benefits Group is available to assist all MRLDA members regardless of their participation in the Cooperative health plan. Eastern has managed health insurance benefits for a number of MRLDA members and understands the unique challenges our industry faces. Eastern Benefits Group is part of Eastern Insurance Group, one of the largest independent agencies in New England and our endorsed sponsor. With their dedicated team of experts in insurance and corporate benefits, you are assured superior products, services, and unparalleled customer support. Eastern Benefits possesses the size and strength to negotiate the best possible terms for their clients.

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