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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Random Testing Program for CDL & non-CDL Drivers

NRLA makes it easy to facilitate all of your drug and alcohol testing requirements.

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DOT/CDL Drug Testing Program

If you employ a CDL driver who operates a commercial motor vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight rating of 26,001 or more pounds, transports 16 or more passengers including the driver, or transports hazardous materials, the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires you to establish a drug and alcohol testing program for your drivers.

DOT requires your program to:
  • Have an established drug and alcohol testing policy in place for drivers
  • Provide drug training for drivers and supervisors
  • Provide alcohol training for supervisors
  • Test drivers for pre-employment, reasonable cause, post-accident, and random
Failure to comply with DOT rules can lead to fines of $3,500 to $10,000!

Drug Free workplace program

For all safety sensitive employees other than CDL drivers.

Enrollment forms:

DOT/CDL enrollment form
(Adobe PDF File)

Drug Free workplace enrollment form
(Adobe PDF File)

Driver/Participant Add and Delete forms

CDL Driver form
(Adobe PDF File)

Participant form
(Adobe PDF File)

What We Do

  • Provide an easy, inexpensive way to meet the requirements for training your employees and supervisors.
  • Manage all aspects of the random testing quarterly.
  • Contract with Quest Diagnostics to provide urine drug and breath alcohol testing as specified by federal regulations.
  • Notify you of the nearest collection site available. 
  • Contract with a National Medical Review Officer (MRO) to analyze and provide test results to employer.
  • Provide a sample drug and alcohol testing policy.
  • Keep all federally required annual summary records for a period of five years.

What you do

  • Complete and mail your enrollment form and payment to NRLA.
  • Send your randomly selected driver(s) for testing quarterly to your certified testing location.
  • Keep a confidential record of when and where the driver was tested, and the result of the test (positive or negative).
  • Keep a record of training for supervisors and driver.

Click on the links below, for your updated drug testing policies which include new information about the recent FMCSA regulation known as “The Clearinghouse.”
Program Administrator Copy
Driver and Applicant Copy


The annual fee per employee covers all random tests conducted during the year.

The price structure is outlined below:

Participants enrolled in random testing program*
$50 per participant/yr.
15 or more participants
$40 per participant/yr.
Pre-employment using designated service center
$70 per test
Reasonable suspicion, follow-up, and post-accident
$50 per test
One-time admin fee

*If you join during 2nd, 3rd, or 4th quarter, rates will be adjusted accordingly

Our Program Provides

  • A pre-approved policy that your company can adopt for its own.
  • Approved testing facilities through Quest Diagnostics, Inc.
  • Pre-employment, random, post-accident, and reasonable cause testing are all available.
  • Recordkeeping assistance.
  • Notification of important law changes to help keep your company compliant.
  • Substance abuse training materials for both employees and supervisors.