LDAC 2023 Legislative Priorities

Affordable/Mixed Use Housing

  • Building needs to be made easier
  • Keep youth in our communities
  • Improve community strength

Funding for Unemployment Compensation Loans from Feds

  • Need state surplus to help pay down debt
  • Should not be paid on the back of employers only
  • Inhibits business growth and increases costs on goods and services

Highway Use Tax

  • Support repeal
  • Different treatment of in- and out-of-state truckers–no out-of-state enforcement mechanism

Minimum Wage

  • Untie from EIC or pause 1/24 increase
  • Difficult for employers to afford in current inflation environment
  • Intention was not to have MW increase so quickly as it would in current environment

Predictive Scheduling

  • Businesses strive to publish schedules well in advance
  • Prevents flexibility when schedules need to be changed
  • Drives up costs for public and private construction projects

Clean Air Act

  • The state should reevaluate implementation timeline
  • Costs and loss of revenue to the state needs to be considered

More Legislative and Regulatory