Booth Point System

LBM Expo 2022

Booth placement for the 2022 LBM Expo will be awarded in two phases by a point system. During the first phase, completed applications received by Wednesday, May 11, 2022 with a 50 percent deposit, are placed by the number of points held by each company. If the 50 percent deposit is not received with the application, the booth WILL be assigned upon receipt of the deposit. In the second phase, all applications received after Wednesday,  May 11, 2022, are placed on a first-come, first-served basis. If, during the time period, two applications requesting the same booth space are received on the same date, the point system will be used to determine placement.


Each exhibiting company is awarded points in several categories:

  • Number of NRLA shows since 1996 in which a company exhibited (one point per year)
  • Total of NRLA convention booths the company reserved at the Dec. 2021 LBM Expos (one point per 10’ x 10’ space).
  • Number of years since 1996 during which the company was an exhibitor, as well as an NRLA member in good standing (50 points allotted per year).
  • Two percent of total sponsorship dollars spent on the 126th show (dollar amount assigned in points).
  • Two percent of total advertising dollars spent in the Lumber Co-operator from March/April 2020 – Jan. /Feb. 2021 (dollar amount assigned in points).
  • Two percent of total NYLE membership from January 2018 – December 2021, members in good standing (dollar amount assigned in points).

 The points in each of these categories will be added together. In the event that two or more companies with equal points request the same space, the space will be assigned to the company based on two percent of the total advertising dollars from the 128th LBM Expo Show Guide (dollar amount assigned in points). If the companies are still tied, the date the application was received by the NRLA will be the deciding factor.

Effect of Company Acquisitions

  • If two companies merge, the new entity will be awarded the higher of the individual company’s points.
  • If two companies merge, the new entity can only receive a maximum of 50 points per year for membership.

If you have questions or for more information, please contact Melena Henzel at or 518.880.6354