Benjamin Obdyke is building on the success of its InvisiWrap UV-resistant housewrap with the launch of a self-adhered version, InvisiWrap SA. Like the original InvisiWrap UV, InvisiWrap SA is specially designed for projects with open-joint cladding: It offers enhanced UV protection to accommodate increased exposure, and its black, non-printed facer ensures an ideal aesthetic and shadows between the gaps. The addition of a continuous, 100% acrylic adhesive provides further protection by sealing around cladding fasteners to help maintain the integrity of the air barrier.

“InvisiWrap SA is a direct result of feedback from our contractor customers, who were seeking not only UV resistance, but protection from the excess wind that comes through the larger gaps of open-joint cladding,” said Tara Murray, director of marketing for Benjamin Obdyke. “Extended UV exposure is a growing need as project lead times grow and open-joint cladding continues to expand in popularity. InvisiWrap SA provides the ideal solution for the systems’ increased exposure while preserving the integrity of the design aesthetic.”

InvisiWrap SA has a split-release liner for easy application and positioning. The acrylic adhesive is repositionable during installation; once an installer is satisfied with the wrap placement, they apply pressure to fully activate the bond. No seam tape is required.

A polyester non-woven housewrap with a polyester coating, InvisiWrap SA is tougher than standard housewraps and will stand up to the elements with superior tear strength and water holdout. When used in conjunction with a rainscreen, InvisiWrap SA provides superior bulk water drainage, exceptional vapor permeability, and long-lasting durability for the building envelope. 

With a UV exposure allowance of 12 months, InvisiWrap SA also is suitable for light commercial projects with conventional cladding, where longer lead times may mean increased building wrap exposure time.

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InvisiWrap SA is available through traditional residential distribution channels. When used with Benjamin Obdyke’s HydroFlash UV+ flashing tape around doors and windows and Batten UV furring strips, InvisiWrap SA carries an industry-leading 25-year system warranty.

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