Just in time for the heart of the decking season, FastenMaster, a division of OMG, Inc., of Agawam, Mass., has launched an online color match tool for composite decking.

The new decking color match tool is simple to use, with intuitive drop-down menus and instant results. Professional contractors (PROs) just select the brand of decking, the board collection, and the board color that they are working with, and they will be provided with a list of perfectly matched FastenMaster products for the project.

“This is a great tool that makes the PRO’s job much easier,” said Shaun Jennings, marketing communications manager. “They simply enter the brand and color of decking they are using, and the webpage immediately shows them their best options, including fastening with Cortex and TrapEase, as well as any compatible hidden clips. In addition, the results page provides the appropriate SKUs and packaging information for the fastener and clip options, making ordering a smoother process. It’s fast and simple to use for PROs and dealers and represents FastenMaster’s commitment to improving our PROs businesses.”

The decking color match tool is highly comprehensive and includes an ever-growing list of 28 composite deck manufacturers, including their collection names, and specific color names. The tool can be found in the ‘Training Center’ section of FastenMaster’s website and can also be found at FMColorMatch.com.

About FastenMaster
Established in 1998, FastenMaster is a brand of fastening solutions for professional contractors. Its products are engineered for structural, decking, and trim applications in residential construction, and its product line includes the LOK Line of structural wood screws, Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Clip System, TrussBRACE roof truss support system, as well as Cortex Hidden Fastening Systems for deck and trim applications. For additional information visit www.FastenMaster.com.