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The classic phone order scam involves people attempting to order large quantities of building materials such as plywood, or roofing shingles. The callers are offering a credit card payment and stating that a third party will pick up the material. Typically, the third party picking up the material is not aware that they are a part of the scam. The credit cards used to pay for the materials are stolen leaving retailers with no way to obtain payment for lost material.

Lookout for these signs of a scam:

  • The scams are perpetrated by people you have never dealt with before and then are suddenly requesting large quantities of products without giving you the information you would normally expect for a job site.
  • Bait-and-switch tactics are common. This is where a caller drastically changes their original intentions. This can include:
    • Drastic changes in the quantity of the order.
    • Changes in how the material will be obtained.
    • Asking for a refund to a credit card that is not the credit card they placed the order with. This should NEVER be done. If you are issuing a credit, only issue the credit back to the original credit card.
    • Offering to overnight a check before receiving materials.
    • Writing a check for a larger amount than the invoice requires.
    • Major spelling errors.
    • A lack of English idioms.
    • Use of terms not used in the United States (asking for lengths in meters instead of feet).

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