NJBMDA Legislative Update
April 2023

2023 Election Will Result in Big Changes In the 2023 General Election, all 120 legislative seats will be in contention and on the ballot. With only Senate seats atop the ticket, there’s likely to be a low turnout. The last time the Senate led the ballot in 2011, just 27% of all those registered to […]

New Jersey Legislative Update
March 2023

State News: Non-Partisan OLS Predicts $1 Billion Less in Revenues for NJ’s BudgetThe Office of Legislative Services (OLS), the non-partisan lawyers and economist of NJ Government, projects that combined state revenues for fiscal years 2023 and 2024 will fall $1.055 billion below the estimates in Gov. Phil Murphy’s latest budget proposal. OLS presented its findings […]

New Jersey Legislative Update
February 2023

GoGovernor Murphy Announces NJ 2024 Budget This month, Governor Murphy in his budget address focused on “Building the Next New Jersey” in his NJ FY 2024 budget. The Fiscal Year 2024 Budget proposed $53.1 billion in spending but this includes a $10.1 billion surplus and the state budget that lifts NJ spending to a new […]

New Jersey Legislative Update
January 2023

The Governor’s State of the State Address : The speech was Governor Murphy’s first in-person State of the State since the pandemic prompted him to give both the 2021 and 2022 addresses virtually. It was his fifth State of the State address overall since the start of his Administration. The 2023 speech was light on […]

New Jersey Legislative Update
May 2022

NJ Considering Legislation to Help Address Unemployment Insurance Fund As New Jersey addresses a budget this year with a nearly $10 billion surplus, businesses are grappling with nearly $1 billion in tax increases over the next three years after a surge in unemployment claims during the pandemic depleted the state’s Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund. When […]

New Jersey Legislative Update
April 2022

NJ Has Become the Latest State to Legalize Recreational Marijuana But, Some Issues Still Remain Eighteen states and Washington, D.C. have legalized recreational marijuana, and 38 states have given the OK to medical marijuana. New Jersey’s recreational sales just started on April 21st. But, just five states — New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Montana, and […]

New Jersey Legislative Update
March 2022

Governor Murphy Announces NJ 2023 Budget This month, Governor Murphy in his budget address stated that the NJ FY 2023 budget presented an “Opportunity for the State to be Stronger, Fairer, and More Affordable.” The Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Address was presented in person before a joint session of the Senate and Assembly where he […]

New Jersey Legislative Update
February 2022

Republicans and Democrats Agree on New Legislative Map, Leaving Southern Democrats Disappointed Democrats and Republicans charged with drawing new state legislative district boundaries came to an agreement in February on a compromise map that will be in place for the rest of the decade. The map of the state’s 40 legislative districts was adopted by […]

New Jersey Legislative Update
January 2022

The Swearing in of the 220th Legislature On January 11th, 2022 all 120 members of the 220th Legislature took the oath of office for a new two-year legislative session. Democrats maintained control of both chambers, but in smaller numbers after the previous election cycle. In total, Republicans flipped seven seats in the Legislature, 1 in […]

New Jersey Legislative Update
June 2021

When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, it was widely expected to devastate the New Jersey economy. Unemployment soared, and Governor Murphy warned the state was facing fiscal purgatory. Governor Murphy’s administration projected a $4.3 billion budget deficit. The Governor and Legislative Leadership agreed that significant borrowing would be necessary and bonded for approximately […]