Rising Star: Daniel Morrison

Daniel Morrison

Company: Reeb Millwork • Smithfield, RI      ­Job Title: Customer Service Supervisor          How did you begin your career in the LBM Industry? I began my career 15 years ago at Reeb Millwork as an entry-level shop employee who was responsible for packaging door units after they were built. What are some of the responsibilities of […]

Retain Employees By Eliminating Their Pain


If you pick up any trade journal or talk to your HR department, it’s hard to ignore the fact that hiring is a challenge and workplace dynamics are changing. While it seems the pool for qualified candidates is slim and the competition to hire them is fierce, you likely have a staff of well-qualified, loyal […]

“Not Just a Job – It’s a Career”

It's a Career

As I sat down in the boardroom for our monthly Saratoga Builders Association meeting six years ago, I already knew how we would spend the first few minutes. We always had an unplanned agenda discussion about the lack of labor and how “they could build more homes if they could only find more help.” This […]

What is Workforce Development?

What is Workforce Development?

What is workforce development? A simple working definition of workforce development describes the concept as “employment initiatives” that help create, sustain, and retain a viable workforce. The objective of workforce development is to create economic prosperity for individuals, businesses, and communities. Workforce development focuses on an individual’s ability to grow their skills and develop the […]

The Value of Your ABMA Membership

ABMA Value

You have likely seen American Building Materials Alliance (ABMA) articles in past LCs. You have probably seen ABMA information on NRLA social media channels. And maybe you’ve read some of what ABMA is up to in D.C. in the weekly LC Wired. But did you know that as a member of NRLA, you have access […]

A Matter of Trust:  Contractors Weigh in on Daylighting Systems 


Contractors place their trust in rooftop systems that provide brilliant, diffused daylight to interior spaces with easy installation and high level of leak-free reliability  Natural sunlight has long been known to be superior to any kind of artificial light source. It contains the full spectrum of colors and studies show that people are generally happier […]

The Email Vs. Chat Debate

Email vs Chat

Choosing the Right Communication Tools for Improved Productivity In the fast-paced world of business, effective communication is crucial for productivity and success. With the advent of various digital communication tools, professionals often find themselves faced with the decision of whether to use email or chat to convey their messages. Understanding the appropriate situations for each […]

Rising Star: Nick Plourde

Nick Plourde Rising Star May 2023 LC

Location: Caribou, ME Position: Assistant Manager • S.W. Collins Co. How did you begin your career in the LBM Industry?I didn’t know what I wanted to do after high school, so I applied at the local lumberyard. I started out ringing up customers and stocking shelves. What are some of the responsibilities of your position?Mainly, I […]

Exploring Rising Stair Trends for 2023 

Rising Stair Trends for 2023

The staircase has long been considered an essential element in the design of the home. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in staircase designs that not only serve their functional purpose but also make a bold and personal design statement. Homeowners and designers are seeking to create a unique staircase with customized […]

Lumber Safety: Mitigating Risks as the Market Evolves

Mitigating Risks

While lumber and building material dealers continue to navigate risk exposures like cyber theft and distracted driving, they also have additional and growing risk exposures in the form of untrained staff and unfamiliar business partners as they wade through ongoing labor shortages and supply chain complications. In this environment, a renewed focus on safety and […]