Rising Star: Nick Plourde

Nick Plourde Rising Star May 2023 LC

Location: Caribou, ME Position: Assistant Manager • S.W. Collins Co. How did you begin your career in the LBM Industry?I didn’t know what I wanted to do after high school, so I applied at the local lumberyard. I started out ringing up customers and stocking shelves. What are some of the responsibilities of your position?Mainly, I […]

Exploring Rising Stair Trends for 2023 

Rising Stair Trends for 2023

The staircase has long been considered an essential element in the design of the home. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in staircase designs that not only serve their functional purpose but also make a bold and personal design statement. Homeowners and designers are seeking to create a unique staircase with customized […]

Lumber Safety: Mitigating Risks as the Market Evolves

Mitigating Risks

While lumber and building material dealers continue to navigate risk exposures like cyber theft and distracted driving, they also have additional and growing risk exposures in the form of untrained staff and unfamiliar business partners as they wade through ongoing labor shortages and supply chain complications. In this environment, a renewed focus on safety and […]

5 Ways IT Admins Can Improve Password Management and Security

Password Management and Security

If you’re an IT administrator, you know how difficult it is to get employees to create and remember strong, unique passwords for business accounts and technology. Often, users will fall into common habits like using short, easy-to-guess passwords or passwords they’ve already used in other accounts. Users who do not follow password security best practices […]

Why Reviews Are Critical for Retail Lumber Dealers

Why Reviews Are Critical for Retail Lumber Dealers

You’ve worked hard to build relationships with professional contractors in the building materials industry. Your word is your bond. You listen to your customers. Your customers know they can trust you to deliver the building materials they need to meet demand. So, you may wonder why building material manufacturers, specifically retail lumber dealers, need user […]

Relationship Selling—What Value Do YOU Bring?

Relationship Selling

The LBM industry has been a phenomenal place to make a career. The best things about this industry are the people and the relationships that are formed along the way. Throughout my time in the industry, I have learned how relationships can open doors and that the memories of past experiences are long. As a […]

How to Expand Your Applicant Pool

A huge challenge in the building products industry is a lack of quality applicants, especially if you’re looking for someone with 5–15 years of experience. One of the ways to address this is with a bigger pool of qualified applicants. And creating a larger pool requires getting more eyeballs on your job openings—the more people […]

Managing Supply Chains in 2023 

Lumber prices have been on a rollercoaster since the start of the pandemic in 2020, and supply chains have been in disarray almost since the beginning of it. The lumber industry was caught off-guard by the pandemic boom for DIY projects and home renovations, but now, inflation, transportation costs, and higher mortgage rates are reducing […]

Trends in Interior Moulding for Residential Home Construction

Moulding Trends for 2023

Mouldings can be found in any home. Moulding type, style, finish, and color are often a great source of debate amongst homeowners, especially in new home construction. Like all facets of the construction industry, there are trends, but in the case of interior trim and mouldings, the trends are a little […]

Evaluating a Technology Partner?

At some point or another, businesses find themselves evaluating potential software partners. Even those of us who make our bread and butter from being chosen as software partners go through this process when we evaluate vendors to integrate with our software. To make a wise software […]