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Lumber Person of the Year

The Lumber Person of the Year award is one of the highest honors given by one’s peers in the
lumber and building material industry and is awarded annually.

Bob Jackman of LaValley/Middleton Building Supply
2022 NHRLA Lumber Person of the Year

To learn more about Bob, please click here.

NHRLA Past Lumber Persons of the Year

1985 Emile Chagnon, Chagnon Lumber Co.
1986 John H. DiPrizio, Charles DiPrizio & Sons
1987 Reynold A. Belletete, Belletetes, Inc.
1988 Maurice Gregoire, Meredith Lumber Co.
1989 Guy Ryan, Lumbertown
1990 Emile R. Bernard, Valley Lumber Co.
1991 Harvey Dupuis, Mast Road Grain & Bldg.
1992 William Patterson, George McQuesten Co.
1993 Maurice Caron, Caron Building Center
1994 Prisco DiPrizio, Charles DiPrizio & Sons
1995 Raymond Steenbeke Sr., Steenbeke & Sons, Inc.
1996 William Zurwell, Saxonville USA
1997 Joan Randlett, P.J. Currier Lumber Co.
1998 Robert Shaw, Rugby Building Products
1999 Jack Belletete, Belletetes, Inc.
2000 Tom Hampton, East Coast Lumber
2001 John Veazey, Boulia-Gorrell Lumber Co.
2002 Ted Shea, Belletetes, Inc.
2003 Mike Shea, Belletetes, Inc.
2004 Stephen Johnson, R.P. Johnson & Son, Inc.
2005 Dave Wing, BlueLinx
2006 Brad Benson, Benson’s Lumber & Hardware
2007 Patti Sinclair, Caturano and Co., Ltd.
2008 Stephen J. Grzywacz, Milford Lumber
2009 Leo Begin, LaValley Middleton Building Supply 
2010 Harold LaValley, LaValley Building Supply
2011 Frank Quinn, Lamb & Ritchie
2012 David Belletete, Belletete’s Inc.
2013 Dave MacFarland, Moynihan Lumber
2014 Douglas Hamshaw, Hamshaw Lumber
2015 Mark Torrisi, Jackson Lumber & Millwork
2016 Charlie Desmarais, P.J. Currier Lumber Company Inc.
2017 Dan Keith, Selectwood
2018 Robert Ferguson, BROSCO
2019 John Voter, Pelham Building Supply
2021 Wes Robichaud, Coastal Forest Products
2021 Peter Horne, Parksite*
2022 Bob Jackoson, LA Valley/Middleton Building Supply

*Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient