The growth our industry has seen in the past three years has been remarkable. In response to the tremendous uptick in business, Russin has announced Project 270.

Project 270 is a companywide mission around operational growth and excellence, designed to help bolster Russin’s customers’ success. With a targeted completion date of March 15, 2024, Project 270 will increase Russin’s daily capacity for handled orders by over 60%. Combined with increased company-owned trucking to rapidly get products to market, Project 270 is the next step in Russin’s position as a leader in distribution.

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Project 270 will benefit the community in Orange County NY by providing more advancement opportunities for Russin’s employees – Russin is already one of Montgomery’s largest employers. Russin’s customers will see faster and more nimble delivery service to enable them to be the best suppliers they can be to their regional markets.

“Project 270 represents a significant investment in our business, and in our customers’ businesses,” said Larry Gately, Continuous Improvement Manager at Russin. “We’re starting from a place of great data and improving standard operating procedures, and Project 270 will enable our customers’ growth for many years to come.”

About Russin Lumber

Russin Lumber is a manufacturer and distributor of building materials covering 13 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. The company owns and operates distribution, milling and factory finishing facilities in Montgomery, New York.